About Us

microscope and laboratory test tube‘Oihana Lapa’au Inc is a one-stop resource for prospective students who want to apply to medical programs worldwide. If you are thinking of starting a career in medicine, we want to hear from you. We assist with applications, funding, and other crucial aspects that medical students need. Helping tomorrow’s medical professionals has been a passion of ours since our earlier work with the medical community.

In May of 2003, we joined a joint project between the Department of Defense and the Veteran’s Administration. The project created an electronic intensive care unit (eICU) between Tripler Army Medical Center and US Naval Hospital Guam.

The project was funded by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command and administered by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center by the Pacific Telehealth and Technology Research Hui. VISICU was contracted to design the telehealth infrastructure, and we were contracted to provide coordination services and technical support.

Today, the eICU network includes the 121st Combat Support Hospital in Korea and spans over 5,000 miles of dedicated fiber-optic cable. The telehealth network supports telemetry, video, and audio links in real time. The network also includes a web server-based graphical user interface called eCareManager.

During our time working on this project, we served as both a clinical and technical liaison. Some of the skills we brought to the project include:
Medical Stethoscope On Modern Digital Tablet In Laboratory On X-ray Images Background

  • Operational Development & Documentation
  • Clinical Coordination
  • Technical Support
  • Network Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Application Installation & Configuration
  • Cisco Router, Switch, & Firewall Configuration

This opportunity to work alongside medical personnel was the beginning of our interest in helping medical professionals enter the field. We look forward to assisting and supporting students in finding the best medical school for their career goals.

Contact us with any questions. We proudly work with individuals who are entering the medical field worldwide.