In the beginning...

Network Design

In 1997 we noticed that the healthcare system in Hawaii looked more like an "disaggregated" matrix of services than a cohesive continuum of care. Like many other healthcare stakeholders, we thought some sort of "information network" based on the automation of medical applications could reintegrate the system.

Our first server was made by Dell and ran a version of Microsoft Small Business Server. We used it to experiment with medical billing applications and later for medical case management activities. Unfortunately, at the time, Microsoft Small Business Server was not a very secure platform and we had to add a firewall router and switch to Windows Server 2000.

In 2004 we found a much simpler IT solution to our networking requirements. Net Integration Technologies provided server software for small to medium businesses that was simple and easy to maintain. The Net Integration server software solution included email, file management, directory services, back-up and recovery, office productivity tools and other business software. The server software is designed for businesses with limited or no in-house technical resources.

The Telehealth Project

In May of 2003 we joined a joint project between the Department of Defense and Veteran's Administration. The project created an electonic intensive care unit (eICU) between Tripler Army Medical Center and US Naval Hospital Guam. The project was funded by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command and administered by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center by the Pacific Telehealth and Technology Research Hui. VISICU was contracted to design the telehealth infrastructure and we were contracted to provide coordination services and technical support.

Network Design

The eICU network now includes the 121st Combat Support Hospital in Korea and spans over 5000 miles of dedicated fiber optic cable. The telehealth network supports telelemetry, video and audio links in real time. The network also includes an web server based graphical user interface called eCareManager.

During our support of this project we have served as both a clinical and technical liaison. Some of the skills we have brought to the project include:

We continue to support this project as a system administrator for the eICU network and it's IBM Blade Center running Windows 2003 Server.

IBM Lotus Foundations Start

We are priviledged to join IBM as a Business Partner for their Lotus Foundations servers and software. Lotus Foundations provides the competitive advantage small to medium businesses need to optimize their business network with efficient, secure and economical collaboration and business tools.