In January 2008, Net Integration Technologies was purchased by IBM

IBM now uses the Net Integration Technologies Hardware and "Nitix" operating system based on Linux to support their "Lotus Foundations" business productivity applications.

Lotus Foundations Start

What Is Lotus Foundations Start?

Lotus Foundations is a family of software and hardware appliances that provide the essential networking functions businesses need to focus on running the business, not managing computer systems. Email, calendars, office productivity, file management, backup and recovery, network security, remote access and more. All in a single package at an affordable price.

IT that takes care of it's self

IT can help a business to run more smoothly, but most businesses do not have the luxury of an IT staff. Lotus Foundations is designed with those businesses in mind - it makes IT simple. Lotus Foundations is self-managing and self-healing, automatically handling critical IT tasks such as data backup, network settings, file management and security . You are free to focus on running your business while Lotus Foundations takes care of the day-to-day management of your computer systems.

Keep your data safe and your mind at ease

Data loss can cost you time, money, and maybe even your business. Backup copies are essential to ensure your business can recover from an unforeseen event. Lotus Foundations uses reliable disk-based backup technology and automatically backs-up your data as often as every 15 minutes. And in the event of a disaster, simply insert your backup drive into a new server, and your information is restored in minutes.

It's that fast. It's that simple.

Email, calendars and contacts

Email is a way of life - it keeps us in communication with people around the corner and around the world. Lotus Foundations comes complete with the award winning IBM Lotus Notes email software. And Lotus Notes is more than just email - you can schedule meetings and manage your contacts - all within a modern, intuitive interface. Used to Microsoft Outlook? Not a problem - Lotus Foundations allows you to use the Outlook email interface. It even enables you to access your email via the web.

Create an online presence so you can compete with the big guys

When emailing clients or partners, a generic email address does not exactly present a professional image. And in today's world, not having a website makes it tough to compete. Lotus Foundations functions as a web server meaning you can create and publish your own web pages and possess your own email domain. Hello yourname@yourbusiness. com. With an online presence and professional email address just like the big guys you can better level the playing field with the competition.

Make blue screens and tedious system updates a thing of the past

Tired of system crashes, system patches and continued pressure by other vendors to upgrade your operating system (OS)? Lotus Foundations can change that. It is based on the highly stable Linux OS. Instead of manual system patches or time consuming OS upgrades, Lotus Foundations does the work for you. If it is time for an upgrade, the system will take action on its own, downloading and installing the latest updates. There is no need for you to take any action and no need to worry about system interruptions or downtime.

A proactive approach to security

When you connect to the Internet, your business is at risk of being targeted by hackers, viruses, and spam. Spam clutters inboxes and wastes your time in sorting out legitimate emails. Viruses can slow your systems to a crawl or disable them altogether. Lotus Foundations includes integrated firewall, antivirus and antispam technology designed to stop threats before they reach your network, keeping your business running with minimal disruption.

Stay Connected - in the office, at home and on the go

Running a business can be an around - the-clock effort, and being in the office is not always an option. Lotus Foundations' Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology enables you to connect to your office remotely. This security-enhanced remote access allows you to work where and when you want. And while in the office, Lotus Foundations allows for file storage and management from a shared, central location. There's no more need to spend time searching for files on individual machines.

Freedom from the high cost of proprietary office productivity software

With the included Lotus Symphony software, you get the functionality you need to create, edit and share business documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Intuitive and easy to use, it's a fully featured office productivity suite. Lotus Symphony even lets you import, edit and save a variety of other file formats including Microsoft Office files. You can even convert and export your documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.